“Children are the future of the world, let’s start with the children.”

Our Mission & Vision

Despina Children’s Diabetes Foundation today seeks to promote in Cyprus the needle-free testing of blood sugar levels for children with diabetes.
Despina Children’s Diabetes Foundation has the mission of providing without compensation, material and/or support and/or protection and/or reinforcement and/or assistance and any form of help to children with diabetes, as well as their families. To provide information and information about children’s diabetes in all its forms and types, such as type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and adolescence diabetes.

At the same time helping to support science for research, prevention, and treatment of childhood diabetes and aims to contribute to timely information about prevention, timely diagnosis, course – development support, and treatment of the child diabetes.
Despina Children’s Diabetes Foundation will cooperate with medical, nursing, pharmaceutical and paramedics to improve diagnostic conditions, monitoring, patient care, and treatment of children’s diabetes. It will seek to promote the strengthening of relationships, friendly and social, and contribute to the well-being of children who suffer from diabetes and their families.
In addition, it intends to contribute to the creation of psychological support groups and any other form of support for children with diabetes and their families. Still supporting financially disadvantaged children with diabetes, organizing, informing, educating, educating the general public through open discussions, public events, lectures, seminars, publications, conferences, publications in peer-reviewed journals and publications.

Finally, it aims to promote the company’s goals internally and abroad and participate in international seminars, lectures, organizations and in general in any way we think we can be useful.

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